Get into AgSTEM is a free education program designed and delivered by Agriculture Victoria. The program comprises a suite of workshops that showcase Agriculture Victoria’s research and innovation initiatives whilst meeting the needs of teachers and students through strong links with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority science and technology curricula.

Key knowledge points, as outlined in primary and secondary curricula, are set within the context of real-life initiatives as undertaken by the research division of Agriculture Victoria. By showcasing these initiatives, the program consolidates the links between studying STEM at school, with the types of high-tech, cross-disciplinary 21st century skills that are relevant to contemporary and future careers in agriculture.



"The program provides hands on activities using technology and equipment not available to students at school. Students are engaged by this and it allows those who learn more easily in a practical setting to excel and develop confidence."
 Leonie Corrick, Outreach Coordinator, Thomastown Secondary College

"Students need to get out of the school — going to these workshops excites them and helps them to see that things they learn in the classroom are not just dull boring facts and processes; but rather what they are learning is being used right now in industry."
Judy Tabbagh, Secondary Teacher, Waverley Christian College

"This program showcases a part of science that students find exciting and has so many practical applications to agriculture."
Andrew Cosby, Head of Agriculture and Horticulture Studies, Elizabeth Murdoch College, Langwarrin

"Get into AgSTEM is an excellent example of collaboration across government, industry and universities, delivering education opportunities to Victorian schools and communities."
Professor German Spangenberg, Head, Agriculture Victoria Research, AgriBio, Centre for AgriBioscience

Locations and remote delivery

The free workshops can be delivered in a laboratory, such as at the state-of-the-art facility, AgriBio, Centre for AgriBioscience, at Agriculture Victoria regional SmartFarms, or online for select VCE workshops.

Ph: 0466 848  713

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